About Us

About Us

About the Founder

At the helm of Rich-Lynn Protective Services (RPS) is Tameka Richardson, a 13-year career Law Enforcement Veteran. Tameka brings increasingly proven experience with her to any position that she fills. This proven experience lays down the foundation for what “RPS” provides and guides it forward.

Growing up with her mother as a Metropolitan Police Officer in Washington DC, Tameka was no stranger to the concept of powerful African-American women. With both of her parents being military veterans, the desire to protect and serve came to Tameka just as naturally. However, her mother did not want her to go into the military and urged her to pursue higher education.

This desire went on to fuel a hunger for seeking further education. Beginning with graduating Cum Laude with a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Virginia State University, to a Master’s in Security Management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (the best criminal justice university in the nation), ending on her current path to a Doctorate in Criminal Justice at Walden University.

During this process, Tameka was by no means idle as she focused on building a career in the meantime. From being a member of the Metropolitan Police Department to being trained in several specialized units, Tameka has constantly focused on improving her professional abilities. Staying busy is what keeps her going, as her meticulously crafted planner will attest. Even throughout the founding of “RPS”, she has maintained a full-time career as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer and working on her Doctorate, complete with a 4.0 GPA.

Being a woman in a historically male-dominated field, Tameka has always found a strong urge to lead the way and provide opportunities for other women to do the same. Tameka decided that it was time to give a platform to her experience, starting a security company of her own, furthering her growth beyond any glass ceiling, and bring others with her.

This goal, combined with the knowledge of just how much security has become an essential concern for everyone, is the foundation of what Rich-Lynn Protective Services stands for.

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Tameka Richardson Leaving the Shattered Glass Ceiling Behind Her Accomplished Federal Law Enforcement Officer - Experience-Driven Protection Sealed by a Promise – Doctoral Candidate Seeking Prison Reform and Social Justice

  • Mission

    To make the world a safe place by ensuring the safety of our clients, assets, people and resources internationally.

  • Motto

    “We’re not just protection, we’re a promise”

  • Vision

    We imagine a world wherein our clients and resources are free from any harm and/or danger. To accomplish this vision, we will be the main supplier of security services, safety administrations and business arrangements around the world, while setting up ourselves as the trusted security accomplice of companies, private customers and governments around the world, and providing reliable, completely verified security data on a worldwide scale.